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Allison's RPG Rules 222-
222. The Diplomacy skill is not for getting surprise rounds of combat. As in "it is our humble request that we find a way to peaceably and this long standing- screw it, FIREBALL!"
223. My Edge of the Empire campaign needs more plot than letting the players suffer the consequences of their poor decisions. Oh wait, no it doesn’t.
224. When the party’s ship is Car-jacked by the local mob and held on a dreadnaught, The party needs a better plan than “Fly up there and ask for it back. With fists.”
225. Don’t try to cheat the Wookiee out of his share of Fight Club Money.
226. When the party stumbles across a stash of illicit drugs, their first instinct should be to sell them, not sample them.
227. A nemesis-level bounty hunter is bad enough for the party, no need to give him the voice of Salad Fingers. (Don’t google it)
228. If a player quits the game after the first session for passive aggressive reasons, leaving the party without a really necessary class
:iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 9 10
Allison's RPG Rules 196-221
196. My female barbarian does not have “Ovarian Rage”
197. No matter what the rules and dice say, not allowed to dual-wield Mandolorians.
198. If I manage to injure myself right before the game, I will not insist that “I’m Fine!” for four hours until it’s clear that I’m in shock just so I can level.
199. Also, bleeding on my character sheet that much makes it unusable, not “Lucky”.
200. When the party is negotiating the price of our services with the king/lord/wizard at the beginning of an adventure, I will not insist on a dental plan.
201. I cannot play a vasna monk with all the Ki pool feats and progressively worse and worse hairstyles without the GM catching on that it’s Son Goku.
202. When throwing the Elvish princeling to a better vantage point in a LOtR game, I will refrain from telling him “Clench up, Hawkeye”.
203. While the rules state that I can make Chain-sword-axe-chucks, their ridiculous bonuses ensure
:iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 11 12
You belong to Me!
You belong to Me!
So, I was browsing Tumblr, and came across a .Gifset featuring Palpatine and his assorted apprentices, with Taylor swift's "We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together" On them.
And a paragraph about how the real theme of star wars is technically Palpatine's search to find someone to share his life with, and how it screws everything up. I was... Inspired?
The thing is, Taylor Swift and Sith lords go really well together, at least in terms of possessiveness and emotional maturity. "Never Ever Ever" isn't Palapatine's song though- I think his theme song is "You belong With Me", persuading his apprentices to Join him.
So, here is the Palpatine/sidious version of "You Belong with Me". try to Imagine him singing it. better yet, try to imagine the music video for this.
(I'm sorry for what follows):
*Opening shots on mustafar, showing an infant Maul being handed over to palpatine by his mother*
You’re A baby on Mustafar with your mom,
She’s giving you to me f
:iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 4 16
Grasshopper by Allison-beriyani Grasshopper :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 6 5 Geranium Seeds Under a Microscope by Allison-beriyani Geranium Seeds Under a Microscope :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 4 0 From the Night by Allison-beriyani From the Night :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 14 7 Vanishing Act by Allison-beriyani Vanishing Act :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 10 4 No, You Cannot Pet the Kitty. by Allison-beriyani No, You Cannot Pet the Kitty. :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 5 34 Guess what this is. by Allison-beriyani Guess what this is. :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 4 33 Tiger Contemplates his Life Choices by Allison-beriyani Tiger Contemplates his Life Choices :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 6 4 No, this is my seat... by Allison-beriyani No, this is my seat... :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 4 6 Where'd you go mom? by Allison-beriyani Where'd you go mom? :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 5 5 Swamp Donkey by Allison-beriyani Swamp Donkey :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 3 0 Mother and Calf by Allison-beriyani Mother and Calf :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 3 0 Geometry by Allison-beriyani Geometry :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 6 3 Afternoon Nap by Allison-beriyani Afternoon Nap :iconallison-beriyani:Allison-beriyani 5 2
There's all kinds of fun stuff in here! Have a look!


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I'm alive/ Important query regarding art museums

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 9, 2014, 3:18 PM

No. The account is not dead, I've just been busy as hell and not taken time to go get the large pieces I've been doing scanned, or gotten around to messages lately. I still love you.

On to the matter at hand"

So, my mom is probably going to be on the board of a non-profit art museum pretty soon, and will be in charge of fundraising for the museum.

In the past, they’ve done a “Gala” which is basically a party for rich people, and frankly, it’s both unnecessarily exclusive and is actually costing the museum money.

What the museum really needs is broad public support and especially the support of young people to raise another generation of arts patrons, So my questions are:

What would it take to get you to go to a small art museum in your town?

What about bringing your friends?

If we held a fundraiser once or twice a year, would you and your friends be willing to give $5-$20?

What kind of fundraisers would you be interested in participating in- raffles for art? Art-making events? open house nights? Special guests you’d like to see?

Really, I’m fishing for ideas now so your feedback would be super-helpful.  Thank you!


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